French Bulldog

Canis lupus

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These dogs are very talkative. They use a variety of sounds to “talk” to their owners

French Bulldog Scientific Classification

Scientific Name
Canis lupus

French Bulldog Conservation Status

French Bulldog Locations

French Bulldog Locations

French Bulldog Facts

Fun Fact
These dogs are very talkative. They use a variety of sounds to “talk” to their owners
Affectionate, friendly, attention-demanding
Common Name
French Bulldog
French bulldogs are known to be very sensitive, harboring emotions that they love to express

French Bulldog Physical Characteristics

  • Fawn
  • White
  • Tan
  • Brindle
Skin Type
14 years
28 lbs

French Bulldog Images

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French bulldogs were originally bred to be great companions, and their small build makes them ideal pups for all homes.

The French bulldog is a medium-sized, non-sporting dog, featuring a uniquely shaped ear that is common referred to as a “bat ear.” While other dogs have a rounded scalp, the skull of these dogs lies flat between its ears instead.

These dogs are muscular, but their small bodies are compact. They have a short coat and come in various colors, which predominantly include brindle, white, blue, black, and fawn. Some of them have a genetic condition called Merle that creates an interesting pattern on their coat.

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Boston Terrier vs. French Bulldog

Even though Boston Terrier and the French Bulldogs have a lot of similarities, they are also different in a lot of ways. For instance, the Boston Terrier dogs are more active and have more energy to spend than French Bulldogs.

The way that these dogs walk is also drastically different. The Boston terrier has a distinct and almost rhythmic way of walking. However, the French bulldog seemingly has doesn’t abide by the same pattern, taking on a freer and more relaxed stride.

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Also, Boston terrier dogs are much more vocal than French Bulldogs. However, French Bulldogs are still rather “chatty,” even though they don’t bark nearly as much.

3 Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

To understand what any new pet owner is in for, here are a few pros and cons of owning a French bulldog:

Health and Entertainment for your French Bulldog

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Pros! Cons!
Quiet dogs: They do make noises to communicate but they are not generally disturbing and are known to be quiet dogs. Prone to health issues: These dogs are prone to a lot of health issues, which means that they may need more veterinary attention than other breeds.
Low-maintenance: French bulldogs are low-maintenance and require little grooming. With the minimal extra care to pay for (apart from their food and regular veterinary visits), this dog may be a good match for someone with a more restricted budget. Drooling: These dogs drool a lot, creating quite a mess that owners will need to clean up.
Great companions: Are you looking to adopt a dog because you’d want a companion to yourself? Well, the French bulldogs will solve that purpose as they make great companions that dote on their loved ones. Expensive: French Bulldogs come expensive. One can expect the price of French Bulldogs to be anywhere between $1,500 to $8,500 for this dog. Mini French bulldogs are even more costly.
French Bulldog walking in park

French Bulldog Size and Weight

These dogs are medium-sized and come in a variety of colors like fawn, brindle, white, blue, and black. Both the females and males are about 11 to 12 inches in size. Meanwhile, the females usually weigh around 16 to 24 pounds while the male ones usually weigh around 20 to 28 pounds.

Height (Male) 11-12 inches tall
Height (Female) 11-12 inches tall
Weight (male) 20-28 lbs., fully grown
Weight (female) 16-24 lbs., fully grown

French Bulldog Common Health Issues

These dogs are prone to a lot of health issues, though some of the most common include the risk of heatstroke, regular allergic sneezing fits, ear infections, and breathing problems.

More specifically, some of these dogs are born with a cleft palate. Due to the detrimental effects that a cleft palate can have on breathing and eating alike, many puppies born with this condition are euthanized.

Intervertebral disc disease is another concern for these dogs. It occurs when the inner disc protrudes into the spinal cord’s nerve tissue. Dogs experience substantial pain and inflammation in the spinal cord with this disease, and pet owners might need to raise their dishes for food and water to a higher level to avoid putting more pressure on their spine.

Overall, some of the issues that they suffers from include:

  • Chronic allergies
  • Cleft palate
  • Heatstroke
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Eye infections
  • Ear infections
  • Breathings issues

French Bulldog Temperament

As per temperament, they are even-tempered house dogs, requiring a considerable amount of attention at home for their emotional and intellectual health. It might even start competing with the other family members to get your attention and excessively demand it, showing their jealous nature.

If the dog is excited, it may also bark excessively, but they use their other sounds to show their excitement as well. Otherwise, these dogs are happy in any kind of house settling and usually does not require a large yard. These dogs are almost always happy to accompany you on a long walk. French bulldogs are considered to be one of the best dogs for city living.

They also do not require excessive amounts of food and require little amounts of grooming. However, these dogs do snore and would almost always love to be inside the house, trying to grab all the attention that they can.

How to Take Care of French Bulldogs

Before keeping any pet (especially the French Bulldog), you need to have an idea about what to do to take care of them to keep them well-fed and in good health. Here are a few things that you should know about taking good care of the French Bulldogs.

French Bulldog Food and Diet

You can feed your dogs some high-quality dry dog food. In total, they should only need about 1.5 cups of food a day, though it is split amongst three meals so that they don’t overeat and cause their stomach to reject it. The meals can also be reduced to two a day, as long as they still get the same amount.

Though owners should always be cautious about the human food that French Bulldogs consume, it is safe to feel them fully cooked chicken, brown rice, peas, oatmeal, and flaxseeds.

French Bulldog Maintenance and Grooming

These dogs are usually low-maintenance dogs, and their short coats do not require a lot of grooming. They don’t even need regular haircuts. To remove loose hair, they should be brushed periodically and bathed every month or every other month.

These dogs also need regular nail trims and teeth-brushing sessions. Their wrinkles will need to be cleaned to avoid in infection or bacteria accumulation.

French Bulldog Training

While these dogs can be easy to train, they still can be very stubborn. However, if trained with a positive attitude, they can show great results.

French Bulldogs are usually quick learners. Keep a calm disposition during training to yield the greatest effectiveness.

French Bulldog Exercise

These dogs usually need a minimum of one hour of exercise each day, but that doesn’t have to be set up in just one session. They can do very well with short walks spanned out across the day but pay attention to how much they are exerting themselves. When the warmer months come, they may experience issues with breathing.

French Bulldog Puppies

Puppies are to be taken care of in a much similar manner to how you would take care of an adult. However, you would need to split their meals into three to four small meals throughout the day, unlike the adult.

Puppies should start being trained while they are still young to improve their obedience as they get older.

French Bulldog puppies playing

French Bulldogs and Children

These dogs do very well around children. They are friendly and make great companions. They thrive on the human contact that they get in the family and get especially excited around children. Learn more about the best dog breeds for families with children here.

Dogs Similar to French Bulldogs

If a French bulldog is not a good match within your home, there are many other breeds that can find their way into your heart. Here are some of the dogs that are similar to them:

  • Boston Terrier: These dogs are very similar to the French Bulldogs (as evidenced above). However, they also have a few differences in terms of how they walk, how much they bark, and how dense their coat is.
  • Golden Retriever: These dogs are friendly and affectionate, much like the French Bulldogs. They also need a lot of exercise, but they have a social nature that makes them a great family dog.
  • Havanese: These dogs are native to Cuba and have soft fur. They socialize a lot and are usually easy to train (like the French bulldog).

Here are some of the popular names for these dogs:

  • Winston
  • Luna
  • Stella
  • Bentley
  • Coco
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French Bulldog FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are French Bulldogs herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

French Bulldogs are Omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and other animals.

What Kingdom do French Bulldogs belong to?

French Bulldogs belong to the Kingdom Animalia.

What class do French Bulldogs belong to?

French Bulldogs belong to the class Mammalia.

What phylum to French Bulldogs belong to?

French Bulldogs belong to the phylum Chordata.

What family do French Bulldogs belong to?

French Bulldogs belong to the family Canidae.

What order do French Bulldogs belong to?

French Bulldogs belong to the order Carnivora.

What type of covering do French Bulldogs have?

French Bulldogs are covered in Hair.

What genus do French Bulldogs belong to?

French Bulldogs belong to the genus Canis.

What is an interesting fact about French Bulldogs?

The French Bulldog is a gentle and docile breed!

How much do French Bulldogs cost to own?

The price of a French Bulldog can be anywhere around $1,500 to $8,500 but expect an additional price of about $2,000 annually for their maintenance, grooming, nutrition, and more. Mini French Bulldogs cost about $2,000 to $8,000.

Is French Bulldogs good with kids?

Yes, the French Bulldogs are good with kids. They make great companions and are lively around the kids of the family.

How long do the French Bulldogs live?

These dogs live for about 10 to 14 years.

What is the difference between a French Bulldog vs Boston Terrier?

There are several differences between the two including the way they walk, their coat lengths, and their barking capacities.

Are French Bulldogs good pets?

Yes, the French Bulldogs make good pets. They are friendly as well as affectionate.

Why are French bulldogs so expensive?

They are bred under special circumstances which is why they are usually so expensive.

Are French Bulldogs aggressive?

The French Bulldogs are not aggressive. They are mostly friendly in nature and thrive on human contact and need and demand a lot of attention.

What is the scientific name for the French Bulldog?

The scientific name for the French Bulldog is Canis lupus.

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